Dé Haras NYC, a modern day womenswear fashion brand, was created by a New York City based beauty guru and self-taught Fashion Designer, Sarah G! As a young girl, during her adolescent years, Sarah grew up in a society that portrayed fashion through very specific lens, which unfortunately she was not apart of.

Considered to be deemed overweight at the time, many fashion finds were not made for the market of consumers she represented. As she was forced to shop in the plus size section during every mall trip, Sarah would find different pieces of clothing she liked but not yet loved; and in her mind, she could always change this or add a little more of that, and take away this, just to catch the vision of herself in something she truly adored! Those minor tweaks of those lifeless garments in her closet, turned into a craftsmanship, skill set, and passion she could’ve never imagined to have. 

As an introvert who struggled with social anxiety and self worth, Sarah took notice that fashion was truly the only realm she could truly exist as herself in. Without any knowledge or experience in creating anything,  nevertheless an entire garment, Sarah began to take apart old pieces of clothing, cutting and destroying a design that once was, and transforming it into something new and memorable! With her mothers guidance, she learned how to slide the thinnest line of thread through the smallest little hole, pull through, tie a knot twice, and let the needle guide you in and out, inch by inch, until the vision in her mind became the vision in her hands.

During those same years of learning the craft of sewing on her own, Sarah would work beside her father at his local businesses. He would assign her the task of handing out flyers and following him around the store as he showed her the good and bad sides of owning your own business. He would always remind her that investing in yourself is truly a big sacrifice; but all she could see is how badly she wanted to see her name on a storefront one day just like her dad’s; but pink instead of yellow and a touch of glitter all over!

In the memory of her dad, a New York City based photographer, following her father’s footsteps, Sarah attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY, where she studied Merchandising & Marketing, and earned both her AS in Merchandising & Marketing and her BS in Apparel Production. She used her passion and strategic development skill sets to begin sewing and creating gowns and custom looks for local women in her neighborhood who loved fashion as an expression just as much as she did! 

Till this day she remembers her very first sewing machine! A family friend was getting ready to discard it as trash and she jumped at the first opportunity to grab it! At the time, she cornered off a piece of her mother’s living room, and on a broken folded chair she found in a closet, she sat on her couch, chair in front, sewing machine on chair, a few supplies found at the local 99 Cents store nearby in her West Indian Brooklyn streets, and never turned back! Talk about turning someone’s else’s trash into your own treasure! She used that machine to make her very first prom gown. It took seven days and umteeen hours (Usher voice), but that she did! 

Sarah has designed for almost any and every type of event in her growing years as a designer for her beloved clientele. From womenswear to menswear, bridal to prom, maternity to kids, carnivals and festivals, televised and social events such as BET Networks Black Girls Rock, VH1 Black Ink Crew, and experienced her first Fashion Show with recording artists Rotimi, wearing her very own handmade designs! 

As fruitful as this journey has been for our CEO, she has faced many obstacles and challenges before getting to this very stage of her career. There were many crucial moments on her path where giving up on her one true purpose in life seemed like an option, became and option; however, Sarah has grown to understand the value in believing in yourself no matter the circumstances. That a dream doesn’t die because things aren’t going so well, it can falter, but it never breaks. She decided to walk in faith and not site, to move forward simultaneously prepared and ready to learn how to walk upwards in her passion despite not knowing exactly what the journey would look like, but knowing that she will overcome and she will get there as long as she keeps that foot on the gas!

This year Sarah transitions from custom designing into launching her very first e-commerce brand where she will offer a mass market of women worldwide, an opportunity to shop with poise, style, and grace

To our Fashion Gurus worldwide, join us on this journey to fashion, one we’ve never been on! 


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