Let’s just say this all started at home! Like literally! The back story of this brand is definitely one for the books!

Derived from her Creole-French roots, “De” meaning “of” in French and “Haras”, our founders name spelled backwards, the name suggests exactly what it means. This brand, these pieces, these designs, this vision, is of Sarah; it’s of me! Everything I’ve ever imagined internally, randomly, purposely, has all been curated into this brand! It’s my dreams come true; it’s become my reality!

Each design I’ve curated has a special place in my heart. Cliché I know; but honestly. I’ve spent so much time choosing the right fabric, getting the right cut, building the correct patterns with no idea how to sketch if my life depended on it! I depended on my love for this craft. My love to design. And today this love has bought me here. Through all the ups and downs, this passion continues to thrive upwards and if I didn’t give myself the chance to share this journey and continue this path with you guys, my head and my heart would have truly imploded and not in the best way lol!

Let’s take it back a notch shall we! Where are my vintage #HarasQueens! House of Haras is where things truly started; our brands first identity. Literally in a house; my living room, to be exact; in a small corner; a chair, a machine; a pair of scissors; a few mini rolls of thread; and some scrap pieces of fabric I scored at the local Save-A-Thon. Wow was that a time! Using literally almost nothing to make something. It really started with just a vision for me, an aspiration, random thoughts and dreams. Then I turned my vision into something 3-dimensional, something abstract, something you can touch and feel, and try on, and wear, and just feel great in! The gowns, bridal, maternity, prom, cocktail dresses! My very first design was a handsewn bathing suit made from and old bra I stitched up the night before my very first 4th of July baecation. It was by far my proudest moment and to this day I would still wear that badly constructed work of art! I tested my creative juices in any facet I could. There wasn’t an order I wouldn’t take because I couldn’t do, I had to test my self, build my skills, do the work, and have faith to bring my visions alive.

As I sit on my front porch, in the middle of this somber but bright and illuminated night, I write this ode to my visionaries; my fashion leaders; my beauty gurus, my stylists, and my amazing supporters. I promise to provide you with the best of me; the best fashions, the best ideas, the best quality, the best customer service, the greatest portal to statement pieces for all women! I promise you the best of Dé Haras NYC!

This year we launch! This year we take over fashion! A young entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York enters the world of fashion she thought she never could! This year we go from custom pieces for the lucky few to unique, handmade statement pieces for the fashion gurus worldwide! This year we curate fashion, my way, our way!

We pride our designs in self expression through the use of bold hues, color blocking, exotic textured fabrics, sexy silhouettes, and modern day fashion dopeness!

Let’s just say, you won’t find our pieces ANYWHERE!



Founder, Creative Designer, CEO


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